Miho $13
vodka, yuzu, lemon, berry, sparkling wine

Spicy Palawan $13
tequila or mezcal, jalapeno, calamansi, lime, spicy sesame salt

Kogo $15
empress gin, yuzu, lemon, elderflower liqour

Sanya Bay $14
rum, lychee, coconut milk, nutmeg

Tokyo Vesper $13
gin, vodka, plum wine, lemon

Ca phe say $14
rum, vietnamese style coffee, condensed milk, chicory

Kofuna $14
whiskey, asian bitters, orange

An Bong Collins $12
gin, tonic, lemongrass syrup

Mika Tan $13
rum, calamansi, lime, bitters



Prosecco $12/$48

Sauvignon Blanc $12/$42

Vinho Verde $11/$44

Vermentino $10/$40

Chardonnay $12/$42

(Rose) $12/$42


MOET IMPERIAL $16 (mini bottle)


pinot noir $13/$52

Lambrusco (chilled) $12/$48

Cabernet $14/$56


Party Boat IPA $7 (can)

Montauk Watermelon $7 (can)

Montauk wave chaser IPA $7 (can)

Bright lights pale ale $7 (16oz can)

Sweet baby Jesus Porter $7 (bottle)

Harpoon IPA $8 (draft)

Brooklyn Lager $7 (draft)

Hite Lager $7 (draft)

Mermaid Pilsner $8 (draft)


Edamame Hummus $8
jalapeno, radish, served with wonton chips

Seaweed Salad $6
sesame, soy, chili

Kale Caesar $8
egg caesar yuzu dressing, radish, panko, crispy anchovies

Vegetable Shumai $10
steamed dumpling w/chili soy sauce

Crispy Rice Tuna $13
spicy mayo, scallions, spiced sesame, sweet soy

Spiced Szechuan Chicken Wings (6pc) $10
dry rub seasoning, scallion cilantro ranch

Salmon Ceviche Tacos (2pc) *$14
crispy wonton shell, pine nuts, aji amarillo, house citrus blend


Oysters Seasonal Selections

Middle Neck Clams $1

Snow Crab $15

Lobster Tail $16

Shrimp Cocktail $11

Yellowtail Jalapeno*$17
lime ponzu, cilantro, house salsa verde

Salmon Avocado*$16
yuzu, green apple ,olive oil

Spicy Seared Tuna $15
spiced sesame crust, sichuan chili oil

Raw Octopus Wasabi $9
soy sauce, napa cabbage, red pepper


Lobster $15
choice of warm bonito butter or chilled spicy mayo (1 pc)

Sichuan Chicken $13
crispy chicken, sesame, Sichuan chili oil, house slaw (2pc)

Shrimp $15
lemongrass shrimp, sesame spicy mayo, house slaw (2pc)

Crispy Oyster $13
yuzu kosho aioli, sesame, house slaw (2pc)

Mushroom $10
crispy maitake, seasonal greens, vegan chili aioli (2pc)


Mellow Mussels $25

Lemongrass cilantro coconut broth, Scallions, Lime
(w/nori fries)

Drunken Mussels $25
sake, dashi, scallions, cilantro, butter
(w/nori fries)

Angry Mussels $25
spicy kimchi broth, chili pepper, garlic
(w/nori fries)

Luscious Mussels $35
lemongrass lobster broth, chili lobster tail
(w/nori fries)

Wasabi Brown Butter Shrimp $25
Sautéed w/wasabi oyster sauce, butter, soy
Includes choice of side

Fresh Fish of The Day $28
(Pan seared Branzino, citrus thai chili sauce)
Includes Choice of Side


Nori Fries $7

Kimchi $6

Jalapeno Miso Rice $6

Seasonal Vegetables $8


Oysters $1

House Cocktails $10

Lychee Martini $8

Aperol Spritz $8

House Wines $8

Draft Beers $6

*please note due to limited table space we have a 90 minute limit on all tables*
Thank you for your  support!